Why the Dragon’s Picnic

During my lifetime, I have often felt scattered trying different things without finding a definitive direction. However, all these activities appear to have served their purpose and although it has taken over 50 years, all the interests I pursued during this time have now culminated in the creation of The Dragon’s Picnic

If I had to describe my goal in one word it would be “balance”. I believe that optimal health comes through synergy of all aspects of our life and that by finding balance in our eating and thinking, this will contribute to our own health and subsequently to the health of the planet. This blog is intended to provide information and encourage open discussion for everyday people in everyday lives on not only whole food, plant-based eating but also on moving through life mindfully and finding balance in diet, body and mind health.

I am a writer, photographer and researcher and am also certified as a Reflexologist and volunteer as a lay counsellor providing one on one counselling and facilitating groups.  Although I do include some recipes, my blog is not intended to be a recipe blog.  I enjoy creativity and the recipes I include tend to be quick and easy, versatile, and without use of a lot of complicated ingredients. They are, however, rich in nutrition and usually highly colourful but mostly they are forgiving and accommodating of my inclination towards ingredient swapping!


Growing up, I was tall and ungainly and was always referred to as “big”. As a result, I quickly adopted a distorted body image which I have carried with me. 

Also, addictive by nature, the concept of eating when hungry and stopping when full has eluded me my entire life. Bouncing from diet to diet since my early teens, I have likely lost and gained my entire body weight many times over.  I have come to learn that healthy eating is more about honouring the body and listening to what it needs rather than using food as a crutch or feeding emotional pain.

It has been an ongoing journey to get in tune with my body and although what works in terms of what to eat may be different for everyone, I believe that food should always be savoured and evoke a joy in eating.

Health, Inspiration and Moving Forward

Having been relatively healthy most of my life, it was a surprise to everyone and most of all me, when I received a cancer diagnosis a few years ago: Renal Cell Carcinoma.  Fortunately, it was discovered at an early stage and after a partial nephrectomy I was given the all clear.  However, it was a wake-up call and was my starting point in looking for healthier ways of being.

There are several people that have provided inspiration to me on the journey to a balanced, healthy lifestyle including Deliciously Ella, Kris Carr, Oh She Glows, The Happy pear and The Buddhist Chef.  They all have a slightly different angle and have each resonated with me in different ways. I welcome you to check out these sites on my Resources page.

As with most changes, it is a step by step journey with setbacks on the way. My aim is to learn to have a “normal” relationship with food by eating intuitively and listening to my gut. Since WFPB has changed my approach to food and I eat more for flavour and satisfaction, I find I am less inclined to binge.  I no longer count calories and am slowly learning to be in tune with my body and only eat what I need. For the first time in my life, I feel I am finding balance and can honestly say that I have never eaten so well.

I welcome you to the Dragon’s Picnic and invite you to join the feast!